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John Belcher – Your “Teach You To Fish” Guide

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

I created Enduring Marketing to help established and venture-backed companies get results with online marketing…and then teach them how to achieve those results on their own.

Because great businesses need enduring marketing practices.


Things I Help With

Paid Ads

Paid Acquisition

Facebook, Adwords, YouTube, Native Ads…whatever else you need.



The chiefs need numbers…I’ll help you get them.

Tracking & Analytics

Tracking & Analytics

Understand your customer’s experience & improve it


Copy Writing

You’ve got a story…I’ll help you tell it in your customers’ words



Email, opt-ins, conversion rate optimization…you get the idea.


Sales Streamlining

Selling is a proven process…I’ll help you find your bottlenecks

What Makes Enduring Marketing Different?


I Worked At Google…So I Know How Things Work

  • Ad networks are built to waste your money…I’ll help you spend it wisely
  • Most campaigns fail due to setup failures…I’ll get you started down the right path
  • Adwords is an art…and I learned from the best
Business Focused

I’ve Done Sales…So I Know MQLs Aren’t SQLs

  • Clicks don’t grow your business, sales do…I’m focused on helping you grow your sales
  • I love sales processes…and I can help you improve yours
  • I’ll gladly interface with your ENTIRE team…not just the marketing manager

I Believe In Checklists And Frameworks…And So Should You

  • Success isn’t random…it’s based on an optimized, repeatable process
  • We’ll figure out your winning recipe..and document it so you can use it again and again
  • I’ll help your team figure out workflows…so your marketing is efficient AND effective

My Top Priorities

Immediate Goals

Hit Your Immediate Goals

You have numbers to hit…I’ll help you develop and implement strategies to hit them.


Teach Team Members The Fundamentals

Your team needs frameworks and resources to recreate results…and that’s exactly what I deliver.
Long Term Goals

Implement Systems For Long Term Growth

You want to do this on your own…I’ll help you put in systems to make sure you succeed.


Get The Data You're Looking For

Your C-suite wants more data, right?…I’ll help you get the numbers and make data-driven decisions.

Just A Few Of My Clients

Startup Education

What My Clients Have To Say

Daniel Eberhard - Koho

“John Belcher is awesome.

We came in as experts in our funnel and left as experts in acquisition. We ran 40+ experiments, leveraging insights into the inner workings of major ad platforms, and John was there the whole way.

We crushed our CAC and continue to implement what he taught us.”

Daniel Eberhard

CEO, Koho

Alex Benjamin - Lendful

“I highly recommend working with John Belcher.

His experience at Google is invaluable and really shines through in his work.  He can tell you not only how something works but also why it works that way.

Last, not only does he catch fish…he teaches you how to catch them which is what SEM’s all about, growth.”

Alex Benjamin

CEO, Lendful

Elissa Hayek - Imvescor

“John Belcher not only helped us launch our campaigns but also convinced us to continue building on the platform.

Great insights and really quick thinker, John was able to do for us what our past two agencies were not.

Thank you for everything you did for us, John.”

Elissa Hayek

Marketing Manager, Imvescor Restaurants

Interested In Learning More?

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Every client’s needs are different….so let’s set up some time to speak.
I’d be happy to review your situation and help you determine:
  • The tools you’ll need
  • How long things will take
  • How to get the data you’re looking for
  • And a budget that can help you accomplish your goals

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