The Story

How This Whole Thing Started

“I saw people wanted (read: needed) help with Google ads but didn’t want to have to hire an agency for eternity. So, I built what the customer wanted.”

My name is John Belcher, I’m a former Googler who worked on the Adwords team, and I help companies get started, scale, and build internal Google advertising teams.

During my time at Google (and afterwards teaching more than 7,000 students at AdSkills), I saw that LOTS of companies struggled to find success with Google advertising.  It felt it was a shame because Google (read: Search, Display, YouTube & Gmail) are so powerful; so I did something about it.

I created an agency that does what companies want:

  • I help them start seeing success with Google Ads
  • Then we scale up their efforts
  • And finally, I replace myself with internal employees who can manage things for the long haul

I’ve found it’s a good fit because my passion is helping companies go from 0 to 85; not 85 to 100.  On my client’s side, they like seeing results but being able to increase their profits by removing the whole “agency” expense and hiring internal employees.

It’s a win-win for both of us.

So if you’d like to start, scale, and build a successful Google ad team, just let me know.

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